The ramblings of a young woman as she works through life's hardships. 20. taken o9.22.12. Disney. Harry Potter. Thespian. dancing. singing. pansexual. Alaska. Arizona. college life. NAU. confused and looking for someone to light the way.
HW: 155 CW: 150 LW: 120 GW: 120-130


Guys this girl here is very, very important to me and it would be awesome if some of you guys could help her out! :)

"I know I said I wasn’t going to get on Facebook for a while due to Christmas, but I need your guys’ help. I found a website that helps people in need of a car. The catch? You have to gain a LOT of votes before you can get it.

My babies are in Washington. I’m here in Vegas. I need a job and a place. In order to be reliable in a job, I need a car! I want my babies back!!!

Please vote for me. up in the right corner search for: Nicole Golphenee. You’ll find me. Please give me the votes!”

Please help her out! Both her babies are under the age of two and are really missing their mommy and daddy!